Behind the lens



I found my love for the ocean at a very young age and spent countless hours in the water as a child. Being surrounded by something greater and more powerful was always
captivating to me. It was an outlet for me to forget about the worries of life and be immersed in a world all of its own.

My uncle, Brian Bielmann, is one of the most influential surf photographers of his time and played a large role in my photographic onset . When I was 13, I decided to buy one of his used cameras and quickly fell in love with capturing images of the ocean. I guess this is the part where I talk about all my success and achievements since then. I could do that, but what would it really matter. Of course I had my goals to accomplish in photography, but looking back it has given me so much more than just what I thought would fulfill my childhood hopes and dreams.

Photography has given me the privilege to build relationships with people that are countries apart, experience cultures of all diversities, and travel to places I would have never imagined. It has deepened my love for creation and opened my eyes to a world that surpasses all earthly understanding. In a day where we are surrounded by concrete buildings, photography is an outlet for me to capture my love for nature's elements and share it with the rest of the world.

I hope to show people this beautiful world we live in from a unique perspective and inspire them to preserve and protect it.